Tri Nations Rugby Championship Betting Guide 2013

Tri Nations Rugby

The 2011 tournament was the last ever Tri Nations tournament as we wait for Argentina to join the fray in 2012. The Aussies upset the Tri Nations Odds in 2011 to win the last edition with just the big three teams and it will be interesting to see how the tournament evolves in the future. The new competition will be called The Rugby Championship and with Argentina making their debut in the tournament it will mean a lot more travelling for the three established nations.

The next of the Tri Nations Fixtures for the first ever Rugby Championship in 2012 have now been released and all the southern hemisphere rugby fans will be looking forward to the first match. All eyes will be on World Champions New Zealand who will be looking to maintain their status as the best team in the world over the next few years.

Tri Nations History

The New Zealand All Blacks have dominated the Tri Nations series, winning the competition no fewer than ten times, including the inaugural event in 1996 and four of the last five including their brilliant whitewash last season in 2010.

Australia have won two Tri Nations Championships, with the last Wallabies victory coming back in 2001, while the Springboks have won three with the last coming in 2009.

The competition is traditionally played between the months of July to September each year this years Tri Nations 2012 fixtures can be seen here. Each team plays six fixtures in the series, playing the other two team three times. This was increased from each team playing four fixtures prior to 2006.

The increase is to accommodate the growing demand for the competition from television audiences not just in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa but from a growing interest in the competition from countries in the Northern Hemisphere such as the United Kingdom who have the Tri Nations Championship fixtures are played across all three countries.

Tri Nations Format 2013

With each of the teams playing three of their six games at home, coming up against one team twice and the other just once. The overall winner is determined by the team who comes out of their six match series with the most points, with four points awarded for a win and two points for a draw.

A bonus point is available if the winning team scores four or more tries in a game and the losing team is also eligible for the bonus point if the margin of defeat is seven points or fewer in addition to the bonus point if they have scored four tries and still lost.

The Tri Nations Championship Winners have never been decided by a tie breaker; however, if two of the teams finished with the same number of points in the competition the winner is determined by the team with the best tries scored/conceded points' difference.

Tri Nations Results and Matches

Despite the All Blacks domination of the Tri Nations in recent years, games do tend to be competitive affairs. Each year, fans of all three teams eagerly await the competition with thousands descending on their rival countries in the quest for Southern Hemisphere supremacy. The remaining millions of Springbok, Wallabies and All Black supporters settle to watch all the action and their rugby bets in the comfort of their front room or at the local sports bar.

Check out the full Tri Nations Championship History, including results dating back to the first Tri Nations Series in 1996. You will also find fixtures for the 2009 Tri Nations Championship along with venue information for anyone looking to be at a game and the Tri Nations betting guide will point anyone looking to have a bet on the Tri Nations Series in the right direction to get the best value on their patriotic wager.