Bledisloe Cup

Tri Nations Bledisloe Cup - Australia v New Zealand

The Bledisloe Cup is a trophy awarded to the winner of games between Australia and New Zealand. Matches between the two sides for which the trophy was contested dates back to the early 1930\'s and has taken many formats over the years, often as one off tests at irregular intervals until 1982 when the Bledisloe Cup became an annual affair between the All Blacks and the Wallabies.

When the Tri Nations Fixtures started in 1996, the Beldisloe Cup was contested as part of the championship tests between the two countries. At first, a third (non Tri Nations) fixture was played between the two teams to decide the winner of the Cup but in 1999 the winner was determined by the team with the wining record from the two Tri Nations tests between the sides. If each team won one game each then the current holders retained the trophy. Following the introduction of the three test format for the 2006 Tri Nations Championship, the Beldisloe Cup is once again determined by the best of the three games between the two. This format will determine the winner of the Bledisloe cup as of the 2008 Tri Nations series onwards.

New Zealand has dominated the Bledisloe Cup, winning it 35 times compared to 12 victories for Australia. In recent years Australia dominated the Bledisloe Cup between 1998 and 2002, winning it in five consecutive years, however, New Zealand have won it for the past five years and will be looking to make it six during the three tests in 2008.

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Tri Nations Bledisloe Cup results:

Year Winner Won Defeats Draws
2007 New Zealand 1 1 0
2006 New Zealand 3 0 0
2005 New Zealand 2 0 0
2004 New Zealand 1 1 0
2003 New Zealand 2 0 0
2002 Australia 1 1 0
2001 Australia 2 0 0
2000 Australia 1 1 0
1999 Australia 1 1 0
1998 Australia 3 0 0
1997 New Zealand 2 0 0
1996 New Zealand 2 0 0